Get the best protection with anti counterfeit label

anti counterfeit label

Counterfeiting products have become a motor concern worldwide which has resulted in financial losses. Its harmful effects have been evident in pharmaceuticals, food, technology, beauty, etc. This crisis has resulted in the emergence of various anti-counterfeit labelto stop it. Because of the demand for these, the anti-counterfeiting market has shown tremendous growth over the years. The anti-counterfeiting has a huge market with a high net value, and it has mostly been used in the food and beverages sector. 

How do they work?

The anti counterfeit label shall keep growing as a sector as long as the counterfeiting products exist. Producers must be aware of all the anti-counterfeiting techniques available to protect their products from counterfeiting. They need to choose an anti-counterfeiting technique that would best suit their purpose.

There are two important types of anti-counterfeiting techniques that work together 5o provide the best security to products. These help in knowing which product is fake and then tracing it down. There are two types of anti-counterfeiting techniques, and those can be whether overt or covert, and the producers could choose any one of their choice or even both.

These techniques include:-

  1. 2D barcodes– these are found on almost every product and are shaped like a rectangle with numerous little black dots. They contain a lot of information and help prevent counterfeiting.
  2. Watermark– a kind of image or pattern made in the product to maintain its uniqueness.

There are many more such techniques that one can choose from.